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What Process Does Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning Use?

Carpet cleaning is essential in order to maintain a clean and healthy home. There are several different types of germs and bacteria that are living in your carpets that aren’t visible to the human eye. Can you think of how many times you have dropped food on your carpet, spilled a glass of wine, or walked on it with dirty shoes? Or what about all of the times your pet had an accident? There are probably too many times to count. Without even realizing it, your carpet is housing thousands of germs per square inch. Vacuuming regularly can help prolong the longevity of your carpets, but it won’t remove all of the filth the same way a deep cleaning with us can. 

There are many different methods that carpet cleaners use. In this article we are going to dive into the efficient and effective process that we use here at Heaven’s Best San Diego. We want to provide you with the best cleaning possible, so in order to do that, our technician will first inspect the area and discuss your needs and concerns. Our experts have years of knowledge and experience, so don’t be afraid to ask questions at this time. This will help us figure out the scope and plan of our cleaning service. Next, we will need to move all of your furniture and other belongings that might get in the way of our cleaning. 

Then, we will vacuum the entire surface of the carpet, making sure to get in all the nooks and crannies, especially in high traffic areas. This step is critical because it helps remove all of the surface dirt, debris, and dust that has accumulated over time and could interfere during the cleaning process. After that, we will apply a solution to your carpets which will help break down the grit and grime so that it can be removed more easily when we begin to deep clean.

After that, we use our high powered carpet cleaning equipment to scrub your carpet fibers and soak up the solution, broken-up dirt, dust, and any other unwanted particles. In many cases, depending on the type of carpet you have, we will use a rake to lift up the fibers of your carpet, allowing it to dry faster and give it a fresh feel and finished look. Finally, once the cleaning is complete, we will move all of your furniture back to where it originally was and place pads underneath them to prevent your furniture from getting wet. 

Carpet cleaning is necessary and important so that we can properly extract any bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens that may be living deep within your carpets. This can significantly reduce the risk of colds and other respiratory problems. Help your family sleep better and breathe easier by scheduling an appointment with us today. We will help you extend the lifespan of your carpets and keep them looking as good as new. Request a free quote here on our website or call (619) 432-3636 to find out more.


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